Karen (xopink_heartsox) wrote in hellobaby_2005,

i wnat to thank ya'll for answering my last question. now i have another question. do you have to wear pads after you have the baby? even if you bleed longer then like 1 week or so. you have to wear pads? or can you wear tampons? i cant stand pads. and i was jsut wondering.
question #2. after you stop bleeding after the baby. can you wear tampons when you go back on your period? thank you in advance :)

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I seen this post in both this community and another one. So I thought I would answer it here. I have learned from experiance, that just when you think your bleeding has stopped it really hasn't. I have been bleeding from this past time since May 23rd. And with my daughter I bled for 30 days. As of tampons, not recommended for afetr pregnancy bleeding. It has something to do with it may set up an infection. Thats the last thing you want after having a baby. I know maxi pads are a pain in the butt, but just try to hold out till your post appointment, and ask your dr :)
yep yep - i agree.

no tampons for 6 weeks at least.

but once you get back on your regular period than you can wear them again no problem.