summer_belles (summer_belles) wrote in hellobaby_2005,

I'm new..

1. Name~ Rovonia
2. Due Date or Birthdate~ November 28th, 2005
3. How old are you?~ 20
4. Do you have any other children? (if so, age and boy/girl?)~ No
5. Do you know the sex, or want to know?~ Not yet.. but I want to know.
6. Do you have names picked out?~ Boy: After father, John Eugene, girl after his mom and my mom Laura Joyce
7. Did you always want children?~ Yes.
8. Were your children planned?~ Yes..
9. Do you want more children?~ oh yeah.. but, after this one of course.

10. Anything else you would like to add! i hope to meet some new friends. IM me if you on BffMikNro. Bye
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