Krissie (artistiquemommy) wrote in hellobaby_2005,

My mom's brother in law who has hated me since the day I was born. Since I was adopted he thinks I'm not part of the family, he tells me I'm not worth it, he hates me. When I got pregnant he asked why I didn't abort the baby because me having a baby and not being married is bad. He criticised me, told everyone we know about it before I had the chance to do it...I hate him and he damn well knows it.

Well, this morning he called my house and started B!TCHING UP A STORM that we do nothing for my grandparents. He wants to be the big man and he doesn't want anyone else to do it. Well, I got on the phone and started screaming at him because he said:

#1 - I don't make enough money to raise this baby
#2 - I should be providing for my mom and grandma
#3 - I'm no good and my family is no good.

My mom and her brother do EVERYTHING in this house for my grandparents because they're old and can't do it themselves. My mother is the first one to always help them, and if he's gong to say things about them, I'm going to defend them. #2 - I make enough money to buy MY BABY what it needs for now. My grandparents get money in and provide for themselves and my mom has enough to provide for what food we do need. #3 - He just always wants to show off his sons and not give two sh!ts about me.

What I'm wondering is: Will my b!tching and yelling at him effect my baby at all? My grandma said if I keep yelling I"ll have a nervous baby and my mom said I could lose the baby by yelling.

Can someone clear this up? Thanks.
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