_lola04 (_lola04) wrote in hellobaby_2005,

1. Name~Liz
2. Due Date or Birthdate~ my duedate is Dec 13th 2005 and my bday is March 6th.
3. How old are you?~ I am 21
4. Do you have any other children? (if so, age and boy/girl?)~ Nope this is my first
5. Do you know the sex, or want to know?~I want to know and I want a girl hehe that is what everyone thinks I am going to have.
6. Do you have names picked out?~Mackenzie Rae,Ashton Lee
7. Did you always want children?~YES
8. Were your children planned?~Yes
9. Do you want more children?~Maybe one day after this one. I need to see how this goes hehe.

10. Anything else you would like to add! I am looking for new friends some ppl to talk to and vent with.

Anyone due on or near 12/13/05?
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