Krissie (artistiquemommy) wrote in hellobaby_2005,

1. Name~ Krissie (Kristin)

2. Due Date or Birthdate~ October 27th 2005 (due)

3. How old are you?~ 20

4. Do you have any other children? (if so, age and boy/girl?)~ No. Just the one that's coming in a few months.

5. Do you know the sex, or want to know?~ Hopefully a girl. 70%. I won't know for sure until June 7th

6. Do you have names picked out?~ Yes. D'Andra Rose.

7. Did you always want children?~ Yes I did

8. Were your children planned?~ Definitely not, no.

9. Do you want more children?~ Oh yes. I want one or two more.
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